Doing Business With An NJ Clunker Buyer

clunkerIf you’re going to sell your clunker to a junk yard, you might as well get the most money out of it. Whether it was damaged in a wreck or is simply too old and worn out, it’s still good for something. Most probably, it still has working parts that can be sold for good money, so don’t let yourself be cowed into surrendering it practically for free to the first NJ clunker buyer you talk to.

If you’re pretty decided on selling your car, you need to spend a bit of time on research so that you end up with a transaction that you won’t regret. It’s best to know as much as you can before you take action, so arm yourself with your original car title, the local phone book, and your driver’s license information.

First, jot down the number of every promising NJ clunker buyer you can find, and then make your calls. Let them know that you’re interested in selling your car. Give them the particulars, including the make and model, the condition, the damaged parts, etc. The junk yards will want to ask you some questions as well, so answer as truthfully as you can since fibbing won’t serve you well. They’ll know the truth if and when they inspect your car. This way, you’ll also have a better idea of what you can really get for it.

You’ll receive offers. Rule out junk yards that want you to bring in your car for an inspection. This is a waste of your time, especially since other places will gladly go to you. Most of the time, the cars involved no longer run, so having a car towed someplace for a tentative deal is not a smart move.

If you managed to receive multiple offers, you can proceed to compare them and the conditions accompanying them. Once you’ve picked the best one, it’s time to prepare the vehicle. If it still has personal belongings or additional accessories, remove them before the buyer comes over.

The junk yard folks will inspect your car and your papers (there are businesses that will handle the paperwork for you in case you’ve lost your documents), repeat or make a new offer, pay you in cash, and drive or tow away your car for free.

Clunkers aren’t totally worthless. Yours can still make you money. If you want to get the most out of getting rid of it, make sure that you do your due diligence so you end up doing business with the best possible buyer.

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