Why “ We Buy Junk Cars” Businesses Are Thriving

2178-1265204174oOv4There’s a booming business trend nowadays and it revives the value of things that are considered already useless by many. Everybody’s already familiar with junk shops buying all sorts of rubbish, but in New Jersey, the trend is “ We buy junk cars!” Yup, they buy the “has-beens” of the auto industry that most owners really just leave to disintegrate.

When business proprietors are asked why they do it, the answer is simple: Nothing in this world is really useless, so no car — be it the worst clunker around or one whose many vital parts had already been stolen — is without value. A lot of creative folks nowadays are finding new uses for these junk cars, so why make the search for one they can use for their projects difficult? Through businesses that buy junk vehicles, all those who have a particular vision for an old car can easily and afford ably acquire what they need to turn that vision into reality.

Many of these “cash for junk car” businesses supply artists, restorers or hobbyists, upcyclers and environmental groups with materials they need. For environmental groups, old, rusty clunkers are the perfect artificial coral reefs. Since natural coral reefs can take hundreds of years to form and are so easily destroyed, using the old frame of cars is proving to be just as good in creating homes for fish and other marine animals. More often than not, it’s even a big event whenever these junk cars are taken to the bottom of the sea. So, sell an old car for cash and support the proliferation of marine life.

As for artists, old cars are used for installation art. The body of the car is a nice base to work with; it’s sturdy and artists get size and volume right away. Cars turned into installation art pieces make great displays for exhibits in galleries and museums.

Restorers and hobbyists, meanwhile, like the challenge of reviving the original glory of old vehicles. In the TV show “Kings of Restoration,” even the rustiest and most beaten-up cars from the previous century are made to look fresh from the factory. There’s great satisfaction in restoring the original appearance of old cars as well as their value.

And finally, for upcyclers, cars provide a bounty of project ideas, from the whole car to its individual pieces.

For those who have no shortage of creativity, old, junk cars will always hold great value. So it’s truly a cool thing that there are businesses that buy them that people can turn to should they need a junk car for a project.

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