When Does Your Car Need an Oil Change

It is best to follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer for an oil change. This information will be mentioned in the chapter on maintenance of your owner’s manual. If you have bought a second hand car after selling your old junk car for cash in NJ, you might be able attain the car manual online. Most manuals have two schedules for service and oil change depending upon driving conditions. Read the driving description for each schedule and select the schedule that best fits your driving conditions.

Your Oil Situation

Many modern cars have oil life monitors, which provide reminders about oil change with a flashing light. Some of these are very basic devices that simply calculate the mileage, and will light up when your car comes to a predetermined range of mileage. Others are more complex and reliable, since they gather data from various sensors in your car and predict a more accurate oil change requirement. Hence, with the complex monitors you do not need to factor in your driving habits and conditions. However, make sure you are using the oil recommended by the manufacturer, since these devices are calibrated only for that specific oil.

Time Matters Too

If you drive less and use your car only a couple of days per week, your strategy for an oil change have to change. You cannot simply go by the mileage, and you need to factor in the time as well. Engine oil is contaminated by gases created in the engine, and when contaminated oil is simply sitting, it degrades much faster. Hence, you will find in many manuals they also include a time interval along with mileage.

If you are planning to use extended-life oil for your car, you should do it after the warranty of your car has expired. This is because many car manufacturers void the warranty when the recommended interval for servicing is not followed. But you do not need to change your oil every 3,000 miles unless you are driving on dirt roads all the time. So that rules out most everyone. 5,000 miles is just fine for a tank of oil to last.

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