When should You Change Your Car’s Tires

Tires are made from rubber compounds and they deteriorate with time. Hence, if your tire is old and even if the tread seems fine, you should think about changing the tire. Especially, when you have bought a used car after selling your old junk car in NJ, you need to check the tires thoroughly for cracks. Even if the tire is of outstanding and sterling quality and is built for higher mileage, it will deteriorate with time.


Determining the life span of tires is a tricky issue, as some tires are built with superior rubber compounds. However, many of the top automakers recommend replacement of tires after six years of the date of manufacture, even if the treads seem fine. Tire manufacturers on the other hand say that outstanding and spectacular tires can last up to ten years, but they have to be inspected after five years. Secondly, driving conditions, storage, and temperature also dramatically influences the life of a tire.

The aging process of tires is accelerated in places with coastal climates. Long periods of exposure to direct sunlight and hot climate also affect the life of a tire. Secondly, you should also check the condition of the spare tire in your car that you hardly use. Such a tire will age relatively slowly, but it does age with time. Just because you never had to use does not mean it is as good as new. The sun and heat may have worn it down and the freezing cold does nothing good or it either.

You should not have any spare tire be exposed to the sun unless you are soaking it with Armor All protectant or other similar tire protective chemicals.

New Tires

The aging pattern on tires will differ depending on how the tires have been used and treated. If you do not maintain the recommended tire pressure, the tire will age prematurely, and might start developing small cracks on the sides. When a tire has suffered many punctures and repairs, or you have driven your car over rough terrain continuously, the tires will age faster. Finally, it is always better to choose new tires even if they are costly, rather than buy used ones.

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