De-cluttering In New Jersey – Junk Yard Will Pay You For Your Old Car

NATIONAL_METALS_JUNKYARD_-_NARA_-_545303Are you tired of decorating your yard with that vintage hunk of metal that was supposed to one day be restored to its former glory? It has been years since you resolved to one day begin the ultimate car restoration project, and your wife and kids won’t put up with your version of yard ornament anymore. The only thing worse than a car mounted on cinder blocks would be a busted refrigerator or washing machine.

If a vehicle no longer runs, it doesn’t make sense to hold on to it. Remember that hoarding is a mental disorder; you don’t want to be called a nut job, do you? The thing about getting rid of that useless car is that you may still get some money for it. Unless it’s an important vintage model that pickers and restoration folks will give their eye-teeth for, nobody will be interested in a car that doesn’t run. Your best bet for getting money for it is a New Jersey junk yard.

By contacting a New Jersey junk yard to come and get your jalopy off of you, not only will you receive cash for what is technically junk (no matter how treasured), you may also be eligible for a junk yard tax deduction. If you’re interested in selling your car to a junk yard, you’ll probably need to familiarize yourself with the following reminders.

  • Keep in mind that the DMV has specific requirements for junking vehicles, so it’s best to contact your junk yard of choice and find out what you need to prepare for the transaction. You’ll have to ask what papers it needs to see before it will do business with you. Most of the time, a junk yard will ask for the title and proof of registration.
  • Another thing you’ll have to figure out is if the junk yard prefers to dismantle the vehicle or if it will pay more for a vehicle that is already dismantled. Regarding price, you ought to have done your research beforehand and found out what the going price is for a car like yours.
  • Be prepared to provide information such as whether or not your car is still operable, which of its parts are damaged, what the car’s Kelley Blue Book or National Automobile Dealers Association value is, etc.

Generally, however, selling your car to a junk yard is a simple process. You make the call. They pick up the car from your place. You get your money. At the end of the day, everybody truly wins.

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