Navigating the Process of Selling a Used Car in NJ

cars for cash njYou may want to sell your used cars for cash NJ for a variety of reasons. Your vehicle may have outlived its use or the particular make may no longer be in season. Or you probably want to ditch your present vehicle for a greener make that consumes less gas and also does not pollute the environment. Selling a used car in NJ is an easy job if only you can navigate through the legal process. There are specific laws that protect your rights as a seller and ensure that you do not end up on the wrong side of law after you have sold your car.

Abiding the Law

Unless you intend to transfer the license plates of your car-to-be-sold to another vehicle, you will have to remove and give these to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Agency or a Regional Service Center. No sale of vehicle in NJ is complete without a transfer of title. This step protects you from being slapped with fines for violations even after you have sold your car.

The Correct Process

To transfer the title of your car, write the name and address of the buyer, the date of sale, mention the sale price and odometer reading value, and sign on the backside of the document. It is a wise idea to obtain a vehicle history report and present it at the time of the sale. This ensures transparency in the transactions and gives you the chance to bag a fair price for your used car. Finally, after the sale is over, demand to be provided with a bill of sale duly signed by the seller.

When selling your used car in NJ, choose an outstanding and genuine junk car dealer who will follow all the rules, maintain absolute transparency in the transactions, and provide you with all the documents to ensure your peace of mind. If they appear shady or do not seem to care about certain vital procedures like handing out receipts or keeping track of paper work, perhaps you do not want to work with them on anything.


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