What You need to Consider While Purchasing a Convertible

You have decided to go for a sleek convertible after selling your old junk car in NJ, but do not know which model you should choose. Here are a few important points that you can consider while selecting a convertible.

Convertibles are mainly available in two and four seat models, and most models cater to the luxury segment. The price of a convertible ranges from twenty grand all the way up to a hundred grand and beyond. However, the most popular models are available in the forty to eighty thousand price ranges. You will also be spending quite a bit on fuel, since most luxury convertibles have V8 engines with six cylinders that give less than 20 mpg.

Remember, if you enjoy talking on the phone while you drive, talking with other people in the car, like wearing a hat, do not care for the sun blasting down on you, you may not want to buy a convertible.

Making it Easy

The main feature of a convertible is the roof, and you will need to decide whether you want a soft or hard top. Soft tops provide good insulation from the elements and noise, but they can be a security risk, and may not be as durable as a hard top. On the other hand, the hard top provides better security, durability, and is more visually attractive. Most of the new convertible models now have automatic retractable hardtops, which fold into a couple of pieces and lower into the trunk.

Back to their Normal Position

Almost all convertible models offer luxury features like heated seats, automatic climate control, navigations system, iPod interface, and keyless start. Other special features that are marvelous to have and should be considered are wind deflectors, convenience of rear seat access, sun reflective upholstery, and cooled seats. Another salient feature to consider is the automatic return of front seats to their original position.

Most convertible having the automatic foldable hardtop will have limited space in the trunk when the roof is down. However, when the rooftop is in place, many models offer as much trunk capacity as you would find in a coupe.


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