Prepping Your Car for Storage

Even though you use your car every day, there might come a time when you will want to store your car over a long period when you go on a long vacation or have to go to a foreign country for some work. You have just bought another vehicle after selling your old junk car for cash in NJ, and you are worried about its condition when you get back. Here are some tips for prepping your car for storage.

For the Long Haul

Your first task would be to thoroughly clean your car and remove stains from the outer body, since that can damage your paint if left for a long time. It would be a marvelous idea to provide one coating of wax for extra protection. Also, make sure to clean the underside and wheels to remove mud and grease.

If you are not going to use your car for more than a month then you should get an oil change, as the old oil will have contaminants, which can damage your engine if left over a long period. You need not change the oil if you are going away for ten days or so, that would be a waste of money and time and is not necessary.

The Right Fuel Stabilizer

To avoid buildup of moisture in your fuel tank, you should top it up with fuel. Also, add a proven and terrific fuel stabilizer to prevent ethanol for building up, and the stabilizer also prevents the fuel from deterioration up to a year.

Maintaining your car battery when you are away can be tricky. The best option would be to ask someone to start and run the car every ten days, and run the air conditioner for some time. If this is not possible, then you should charge your battery before leaving, and disconnect the cable on negative side. Another better option would be to purchase a trickle charger and hook it up to your battery while you are gone.

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