Sell Junk Car – NJ Cash-For-Cars Businesses Claim It’s a Form of Support for the Upcycling Community

15820655_MDo you have an old car that you just have no use for, just rotting away in your garage? Don’t just leave it there because you can sell and earn money from it, regain space in your garage (perhaps for a new car), and even see that clunker morph into something completely valuable. Junk cars for sale is a growing business in New Jersey because upcycling has become such a trend these days; old junk cars are proving to be some of the most versatile products to work with. If you would choose to sell junk car NJ cash-for-cars businesses claim it’s a great way to support the upcycling community that not only helps minimize junk that goes into landfills but also promotes functional creativity.

You would be surprised at the bounty of projects that can be made with junk cars, and to provide you some ideas on how selling your old clunker will give you an opportunity to enable something ugly to morph into something beautiful, listed below are some of the most popular upcycling projects using old junk vehicles.

  1. Car bodies are turned into playful beds. The TV show “Kings of Restoration” had demonstrated how this can actually be easily done, but what’s even cooler is that these car-themed beds sell for a really good price. Aside from beds, car bodies also provide the frame with other car-themed seating, which a lot of dining establishments demand.
  2. Car bodies can also be turned into charming flower beds.
  3. Car wheels are re-polished and turned into sturdy focal furniture; because of their durability and nice design, they make interesting tables that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  4. Aside from being a good body for tables, wheels make a good base for “industrial” chandelier. Everything from mason jars with candles, to chains and crystals can be added to the wheels as a funky lighting solution. One thing’s for sure, though: Wheels definitely make really extravagant chandeliers.
  5. As for old car seats, they are reupholstered to serve as new ergonomically designed and very comfortable office chairs. Likewise, with the right implements, they can also be turned into soft rocking chairs that everybody would prefer over the living room recliner.
  6. Another idea to try, using old car backseats this time, is a glider or swing. It’s bound to be more comfortable than those traditional ones with metal or wood seats.
  7. Headlights can be fixed to serve as indoor lighting for the home.

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