Sell Us Your Car For Cash—4 Good Reasons To Make That Call

9-an-old-clunker_6833You’ve had a good run. You’ve made so many memories with it. And you will cherish it forever.


But now it’s time to move on—to a better car. A new one, preferably. But where on earth would you get the funds to pay for a new ride? From your old car, that’s where.


But instead of placing an ad online or putting a “for sale” sign on your old car or even asking people you know if they want to buy your car, you might get a better deal from a business that advertises: sell us your car for cash. Here are four good reasons to liquidate your old asset in this manner.


1.You can still sell your old car—even if it’s had some miles on it.

The trouble with trying to sell most old cars is that they rarely get sold, or they will never fetch a good price. “Cash for cars” companies can still offer a pretty good price on your car, in spite of the many problems it may have, and apart from the mileage.


2.You can get cash for a broken down car.

Some car sellers might invest a little money into refurbishing an old car. Maybe it gets a new set of wheels, maybe it gets re-upholstered, or maybe it gets a new engine. You might be able to get more money for fixing your broken down car but you might not get the ideal returns for the money you put in.


There is no need to bother with refurbishing an old car and wasting time when you can simply find a “junk cars for cash”business. You might not get enough money to pay for a new car but at the very least, you get rid of a broken down car and get some money out of it.


3.You get an instant buyer for your car.

Selling your old car on your own can mean waiting for weeks to months on end. The longer it takes to make money from your old car, the longer you will have to wait to buy a new one. What if you need to move soon? What if you need a new car next week?


Unless you have the luxury of waiting around, then you will need the immediate help of a “cars for cash” company.


4.You save time and effort in advertising your old car.

Lastly, selling requires advertising. Posting an ad online, placing an ad in your local paper, announcing the sale on your Facebook or Twitter — these take time and effort, which you can easily solve by picking up a phone and calling a cars for cash business. Easy-peasy.


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