Selling Cars For Cash: A Quick Way To Free Up Valuable Garage Space

CC-SM74-082-800Once upon a time, your garage was one area of your home that was much prized and loved by your family.


It was where your father led you out to one Christmas morning in your pajamas to show you the brand-new bike that he and your mother got as your present.


It was where you and your siblings raced to get to the car first, before the start of the family’s annual summer trip to the beach.


Likewise, the garage was the space where your dad would tinker with the family car on lazy weekend mornings and point out the important details of driving and car maintenance to you, his soon-to-be-driving teen.


And of course, when the precious family car was out, the garage provided space for you to look through your father’s complete set of tools, help your mother get her beloved gardening supplies in order, and play with your younger brother as you built a kite or model airplane together.


Those were the days

But as the years passed, everyone in your family continued to grow up, and your possessions started aging as well, the garage eventually became something else — more of a repository for things that were no longer needed (and gradually forgotten). Those toys, bikes, tools, and other items that could no longer be used or took up too much space inside the house were brought to the garage, to remain there with the old family car that no longer runs (but your parents didn’t have the heart to dispose of yet).


It’s common for garages to become storage areas for houses, but going this path can actually create a negative impact on the way you utilize your home. After all, the garage is first and foremost meant to shelter your car, motorcycle or other vehicle. By filling it up with items, you end up having to park your vehicles outside of the house, where it’s left exposed to the elements and at the mercy of individuals who may plan to steal it. If your car gets damaged or stolen, you stand to face bigger problems — and significant expenses.


What to do?

The best move to make is to get rid of the stored old items as well as the non-functional car. Now, the boxes of stuff may be easier to discard, but the car is another matter — it may still hold sentimental value for the family, or you may intend to make a little money by selling the car, but are unsure whether anyone would want to buy an old or non-working car. Bringing the car up to working condition and its original look costs money and requires time — things you may not have right now.


The solution is quite simple. You may have heard of people selling cars for cash; there are reputable companies in New Jersey that offer to buy vehicles — new, used, damaged, totaled, junked, and other conditions — in exchange for cash, which is given right on the spot. You wouldn’t have to spend money to make your old car work or look presentable before looking for and negotiating with potential buyers; these companies will assess your car, make an immediate offer, and have it towed away if it won’t run.


Without hassles and headache-inducing expenses, you can dispose of your car, regain valuable space in your garage (where new family memories can be made), and have some extra cash in your pocket.

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